Our most frequent travelers hear from TripCase often – we email you to confirm when you add a new trip to your TripCase, 24 hours before your trip starts, and an average of seven times throughout your trip for various updates, such as flight delays, gate changes, and the like. It’s all helpful, but we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you take a lot of trips. When we added push notifications for our Android and iOS users, some travelers told us it was overwhelming. So today, we’re adding notification management options to your user profile.

In the new Notification Management widget on your profile, we split our notifications out into six categories, to give you better control over which messages you receive from TripCase, and how you receive those messages. This option is currently available both online and in our mobile apps.

  • TripCase Newsletter and Updates: Our Feature Release newsletter is usually sent once a month, highlighting our newest features and providing travel-related content. Other updates included here might be announcements of new devices that we support (such as the Apple Watch), invitations to events that we’re hosting, or info about your account.
  • Special Offers: These communications include things such as special offers from some of our partners that we think you might enjoy.
  • Pre-Trip Reminder: A reminder that your trip is about to begin, typically sent 24 hours before your trip, but could be sent earlier than that, based on your trip details. Turning off these reminders will also turn off pre-trip reminders for any trips you are following.
  • Notifications about my trips: Time-sensitive alerts about things affecting your trip. This includes events such as flight delays, cancellations, gate changes, hotel check-in, or other important notifications to keep you up to date on your trip.
  • Notifications about trips I’m following: If a traveler has set you up to receive flight updates for their trip, or you have designated a trip as following, you can receive time-sensitive alerts about their trip such as flight delays, cancellations, or gate changes. You can turn these off if you only want to receive information about your own trips.
  • Changes to trips I’m following: When a traveler makes a change to a trip they have shared with you, a notification is sent letting you know their itinerary has changed. This will allow you to turn off those updates if you choose.  You will still receive a notification when a new trip is shared with you.

For most of these categories, you can choose to receive push notifications, email, both, or none. Push notifications are messages sent to your phone through the TripCase mobile app.

Note: iOS users must also give TripCase permission to send push notifications. To do this, confirm the notification settings on your phone by going to Settings > Notifications > TripCase > Set “Allow Notifications” to “On”