One of the challenges of developing an awesome mobile app with travel alerts like TripCase is that those alerts (and the data that triggers them) are based on connectivity. If you have a connection to the Internet, either via cellular or WiFi, everything is easy. However, when you travel, you may not always have an active connection to the Internet. You might be out of range, on your flight (with no WiFi, or traveling internationally and wanting to avoid a hefty cellphone bill.

TripCase’s strength is its ability to organize mounds of data so that you, the traveler, can look to one place for your trip details. While that’s all awesome and cool, it introduces a pain in managing that data while you are disconnected. We solve this with TripCase Offline Mode, by caching data as its received to your phone, so that you can still access it, even without a connection.

TripCase Offline Mode

So as long as you have looked at your trip while connected, we store we cache that information on the phone. When you start the app on your phone, we check for network connectivity and if we are unable to get a connection, we push you into TripCase Offline Mode. The app changes slightly with a red bar across the top, letting you know you are now in offline mode. Your trips and the surrounding data is there for you to view. This allows you to open up TripCase Offline Mode while in flight or disconnected and still get your last known information, including your list of trips and your most relevant trip (likely the one that you’re on).

We also protect you from performing actions that are not currently supported in Offline mode. Since you are disconnected, you don’t have the ability to change your data (i.e. delete your trip, delete trip segments, edit trip items, etc.). We alert you when you attempt to perform an action not supported in Offline mode.

When you’re traveling, it’s important that you have quick and easy access to your most vital trip details – flight number, hotel address, and more. With TripCase Offline Mode, we’ve got you covered, whether there’s an Internet connection available or not.