Dear Action View,

You’ve been with us from the beginning. You were always there, front and center whenever we opened a trip on our mobile device. But then a second view came to town last December when the new TripCase app was launched. Timeline View replaced you as our default when opening the app. While we are thankful for the simple way Timeline allows us to see our whole trip at once, we should have known we needed you from the start.

As of March 2013 the Action View flight details have a face liftYour details of what’s coming next, so well organized and easy to read, should never have taken a back seat. Maybe we took for granted how important it is to see what comes next, and how helpful it is to jump straight to the trip details when you first open the app. Maybe we didn’t realize your full potential. And for this, we apologize.

TripCase travelers missed you though. And that’s why we’re happy to have you back, Action View, in your rightful position guiding travelers through each step of their trip.

Props to you,
The TripCase Crew

P.S. Is that a little nip and tuck? Not too shabby.


That’s right, with our latest release Action View is resuming its position as the top dog, the A-number one default view in the TripCase app. It’s what you’ll see every time you open a trip. Timeline fan? Don’t worry, you can still access a big picture view of your trip from the slide out menu within the app.

And about that facelift
Besides regaining its top billing status, Action View now offers more helpful information so you can see what you need and be prepared at a glance. Additions include:
• Seat number
• Airline confirmation number
• Baggage claim details
• Flight status indicator for on-time, delayed, or cancelled

Even more improvements to help you stay prepared
Action View will also now automatically open to the most relevant item in your trip so you save time not searching for what comes next in your trip. You’ll also no longer need a network connection to view your most relevant item. That means you can see what you need in offline mode.

We’re listening
We really take our travelers suggestions to heart. Action View is just one example of how we made improvements based on your feedback. Please stay tuned for more in the upcoming months. And if you ever need help with anything, our customer support is available around the clock to help. We love your ideas!