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Making you brilliant is part of our nature

Intuitive experience comes naturally

Making you a brilliant traveler starts with giving you everything you need in one place. It’s not just the trip info you have to keep up with, it’s the other tools you use to navigate – maps, weather, flight alerts. You also need an easy way to reference and store all this stuff; otherwise it’s not very useful if you can’t find it quickly.

We believe insightfully handling the small things that matter to our travelers is our responsibility — like catching a ride on the spot, deals and specials; even providing additional help like airport maps and translation services. Lucky for us, it comes naturally, because we know travel, and we think it shows throughout TripCase.

So what does it mean to give you the most intuitive experience possible?

  • * Studying what people do with their trip info and where they are when they do it.
  • * Growing the services and partnerships you find in the Tripfeed℠ messages
  • * Redesigning our partner tools so they can add more value connecting to our travelers

And what do you get from all this?

* Detailed airport maps based on where you are – easy to use and easy to get to from within your TripCase trip
* Cool perks and discounts to travel services, like VerbalizeIt translation services and Uber rides
* Always free flight alerts, messages and tools integrated together

We take great care in how we put the pieces together. And we think you’ll find it’s those details wrapped up in this intuitive experience that give you the one place you need to manage all your trips.

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Who’s on a trip to Sochi?

The Winter Olympics are here! NASA has reported Sochi to be the warmest place to ever host the Winter Olympics. NASA also shared the ultimate travel photo for the Games on its blog.

ASTER satellite image of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games


Among TripCase travelers, it looks like there’s a local interest in the games. Local Russia, that is. Among all trips in TripCase for the next seven days, we’re seeing of those trips heading to Sochi, there are 20% more trips within Russia than are visiting from the United States.

Also of interest, the top five U.S. departure cities are not necessarily the busiest airports in the country.


Russia 35.96%
United States 25.21%
Canada 18.59%
Germany 7.31%
United Kingdom 3.07%


And top 5 U.S. departure cities heading to Sochi:

Photo by AFP Photo / Fabrice Coffrini
Photo by NASA, ASTER satellite image of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

If you’re using TripCase on your Olympic adventure, we want to hear from you!



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Understanding Road Warriors and Airlines

Occasionally there is an article written for our Sabre partners that is just too good to not share with our travelers as well. We will call this, “the other perspective”.

We spend a lot of time studying business travelers so we can understand and anticipate your needs. Within TripCase, the messages in the Tripfeed are a great way to connect airlines and travelers to help out with the little things, as mentioned below.

This is one of several posts we will share on some recent findings about the road warrior. Find the entire piece on the Ascend Magazine web site.

Airlines And Road Warriors

What types of perks should airlines offer status members to retain their business?

Road warriors such as McDonald want complimentary choices with her status booking such as a light snack upon arrival or a full breakfast each morning. Motley believes airlines should be proactive in anticipating potential trouble with their passengers’ travel itineraries and automatically rescheduling them on alternate flights in cases of flight disruptions or cancellations.

Customer Loyalty
Using a few preferred travel companies, such as airlines and hotels, earns road warriors status, which is the No. 1 tool for today’s frequent traveler. With status comes special perks including complimentary seat upgrades, room service and hotel gifts at check-in.

Jody Venturoni and Brian Galke, who travel extensively for the public relations and telecommunications industries, respectively, want airlines to elevate the status concept to the next level.

“With my status level, I would like concierge service for local events,” said Galke.

Venturoni agrees, saying, “My 11-year-old daughter wanted me to bring a plush manatee home from Miami. While it seemed like a simple request, I had to catch a cab to the Miami Aquarium to get one. I couldn’t find one anywhere else!”.

Excerpt from Sabre Airline Solutions Ascend Magazine by Kathleen Nolan, Marketing Manager.

Other ideas for perks from the airlines? Please share below.


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Never be lost in translation again

VerbalizeIt Translation services discount for TripCase users

If you’ve ever had the privilege of traveling to a new country, you may have experienced one of those “lost in translation” moments. I know I have.

I can remember back in September 2000, and I first achieved international traveler status that brought forth all the excitement around a new culture, new language, foreign land, new foods and risk of the unknown (nevermind it was 50 miles north of Minnesota for a long weekend fishing trip in Canada). For most globe trekkers, the idea of logistics in an unfamiliar land, is part of the challenge and adventure. However, there can be frustrating moments in global travel when you say to yourself, “I wish I had a translator for this quick conversation.” It could be translations help with a taxi cab driver, server at a restaurant or medical advice at a pharmacy.

As you begin making your international travel plans for 2014, we have great news you might appreciate. TripCase has partnered with an exciting new company called VerbalizeIt. Yes, it’s that same name mentioned on the last season of Shark Tank in 2013. They are bringing an “out there” concept to reality and making it easy to prepay via your phone for a human voice translator. Picture yourself in a frustrating situation needing translations help in Germany. You can simply access a human translator via VerbalizeIt (and your mobile phone) and give the phone to the native speaker to deliver the translated message.

Read the press coverage on

Good news for our travelers

TripCase travelers will find a message inside the app for a discount on translation minutes. So if you’re traveling from the U.S. to Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, and the UAE, look in the Tripfeed for a great new service to help make your trip experience a little better.

Watch the entire SharkTank video on Vimeo

VerbalizeIt Beginnings: Shark Tank from VerbalizeIt on Vimeo.

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Lights, camera, 90 seconds of action!

What can you say about TripCase in 90 seconds? At first it feels like no time at all, and you start to write out all types of ideas. As the creative director behind the commercial, I filled two pages (that’s hand-written, because I’m old school and I like pencils). Then I thought there is no way this is going to work. Luckily, we had a great agency guiding us to find a crisp, clear way to tell our story.

And what is that story? We wanted to make sure business travelers know TripCase is here for them. We give you one place for all your trips. Period. Whether you’re a savvy traveler or an aspiring road warrior, you’ll appreciate being prepared and connected thanks to our integrated tools and relevant messages. You’ll also find it’s so well designed; you get the info you need at the right time.

So it turns out 90 seconds is plenty of time to let you know you might be missing out if you’re not using the app on every trip. Watch the video and see for yourself.

** Flying Delta? Let us know you saw the video inflight!

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