Travel has always had an air of uncertainty, especially when traveling to a place that you’ve never been before. With the advent of the Internet and digital photography, we were given additional insight into our travel destinations. However, photography isn’t always 100% accurate. We’ve all experienced being wooed by photos on a hotel’s website, only to discover they were taken when the location opened – 20 years ago. Today, a new website called TravelByDrone has been launched (if you’ll forgive the pun) to help.

For starters, a drone, if you’re not aware, is an unmanned aircraft that’s operated via remote control. Most drones being sold and used around the world today are hobbyist or consumer level. Often quadcopters – helicopters with 4 rotary blades – these drones are affordable for most consumers, and often have a high-definition camera attached, such as a GoPro. This makes them ideal for capturing aerial videos, sweeping across locations with ease. TravelByDrone, which launched recently, is a crowdsourced collection of these videos, uploaded by amateurs and professionals, with geographic ‘tags’ specifying where the video was captured.

The result is a visual map with markers indicating a video that you can watch, like pushpins on a virtual wallmap. If you’re considering a trip to Venezuela, but aren’t sure just how rural the area is, you can now use to venture a look without leaving the comfort of your desk chair.

Of course, watching a video fly-over of Tahiti isn’t going to be the same as feeling the sun on your skin or the smell of the ocean – you’ll still need to travel to fully experience your destination. But at least you can take a sneak peak before you head out now.

Where are YOU going to explore via TravelByDrone?