Everyone’s done it once – either by yourself, with a friend, or complete strangers. People do it on the floor, in a chair, on a bench, while standing or even leaning against a wall.

We’re talking about sleeping in an airport – either by choice or when you get stuck due to a flight delay or bad weather. According to The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, there are actually people out there who prefer to sleep in airports over a hotel.

To each his own, but that got us thinking. While most people probably don’t intentionally sleep in airports, business travelers do spend long hours inside terminals oftentimes due to layovers and flight delays.

In those situations, travelers have some time on their hands. What a perfect opportunity for airports to market their vendors’ products and services directly to travelers on their phones via TripCase’s smart messaging capabilities.

Let’s imagine the scenario: TripCase sends a message to all its members who have flights that originate in terminal D at DFW Airport, alerting them to a $1 off pretzel deal at the AuntieAnne’s at gates 12 and 36.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The traveler buys the pretzel he has been dreaming about since the mouth-watering smell wafted past him when he first arrived at the airport, and the vendor gets customers who normally wouldn’t have bought a pretzel without being prompted by the TripCase message. And the airport gets a happy vendor who is making more money, gaining new customers.

As a TripCase airport partner, you can help your vendors reach new customers by tapping into our members’ flight details. But TripCase’s messaging is not limited to travelers who are inside the airport though. We can reach them even before they leave the house.

Say you want to promote the new airport parking lot that recently opened near the south entrance. Based on flight origination details, TripCase can send a message to our members directly on their phones alerting them to the upgraded lot opportunity. Or we can even send notices alerting folks when an airport lot is full.

The messaging possibilities with TripCase are far-reaching. As our airport partner, let us help you connect directly with travelers who spend a lot of time at the airport – either sleeping or awake.

How have you used TripCase’s smart messaging technology to reach new customers? Do you have a win-win story to share?