We’ve all been there – you take the red-eye flight home from a long business trip, and inevitably need help at the airport, but find everything is closed for the night. At the Indianapolis International Airport, they’re testing a solution for you – customer service robots. The new test features an iPad-on-a-segway type robot that’s guided remotely and can help you with any questions you may have.

img4137The robot – built by Double Robotics – has been around for a while, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in the travel industry. It’s quite an interesting looking device – a long pole, with two wheels and a motor at the bottom, for getting around, and an iPad at the top. A member of the IND Guest Services team can remotely control the robot, with their face shown on the iPad. The iPad’s front-facing camera is also used to give the team member a view of what’s going on around the robot. They’ve also cleverly attached their signature blue polo shirt and name badge lanyard, to give travelers a bit more comfort around the robot.

As part of this test, the Indianapolis International Airport will be using the robot to extend the reach of their guest services team, primarily by running the robot downstairs near the baggage claim and passenger exit, as well as during the late night hours, when the main guest services desk is closed.

“Great customer service comes in many forms. The Double Robot adds a cutting-edge tool that our staff can use to extend the award-winning service that consistently makes IND the number one airport for service quality in all of North America.” –  Mario Rodriguez, executive director for the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA).

Would you be comfortable getting help or directions from a robot?