We’re always working to make TripCase better so you’re the smartest traveler out there. You can count on us to make improvements to your most trusted travel tool on a monthly basis. We’re happy to report that TripCase 3.0.2 is now available for download! Be sure to get the latest update so the next time you plan a trip you’re prepared and connected every step of the way.

This time, our top priorities were fixes for iOS Remember Me functionality and Action View for Samsung Galaxy Note. We also made some visual adjustments and minor maintenance to the interface. Next up: work on fixing an issue with refresh functionality.

Apple iOS Remember Me Fix

Remember Me has been fixed so now it works for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve enabled push notifications. We rebuilt the feature from the ground floor up so you’ll be logged out one last time. But, after logging back in you’ll now remain logged in every time you open the travel app.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Fix

Issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note II have been resolved. You should now be able to open your trip in Action View and have it appear without any glitches. Excellent news for a savvy trip planner like you, who likes to be ready for what comes next.