We are keeping things moving here at Sabre. You are in for a treat this month. TripCase has more ways to get you where you need to be on time. Between new trip alerts and a friendly countdown to your trip departure time, you just became a slightly more brilliant traveler.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features:

Version 3.0.5 now has a Your Trip Starts in ___________ days, hours or minutes

The new TripCase trip planning card counts down to when your trip starts

Trip Countdown Card
A new trip card has been added to Action View, showing you a countdown to the start of your trip and the destination. This card also provides quick access to the Itinerary View and share functions, and lets you quickly add an item to the trip.

Expanded Alert Messaging
We have added two new push messages for travelers using Apple iOS devices. In addition to the flight alert messages we send today you get:
• a trip reminder sent 24 hours prior to departure
• an “On Time” notification sent 3 hours prior to departure, for flights without delay or cancellation

Set up your notification settings to receive TripCase push messages
If you have configured push settings on your mobile device, you will receive these TripCase push notifications. Please note: only Apple fans can set this up at this time.

Flight Notifications
We’ve made several improvements to enhance our usage of the third party flight data we use to deliver flight notifications with TripCase. This includes sending flight alerts when the expected departure time is +/- 1 minute. TripCase will no longer suppress alerts within a 15-minute window. Please note: this will cause additional notifications within 24 hours of trip start. But we know you’d rather be safe than sorry.

Other notes:
Hotel Database Update
The TripCase hotel database will be synced, providing current hotel property information and reducing mismatch occurrences.

Trip Naming Convention
Trips automatically imported from TripCase-connected travel providers will now use the destination as the default trip name (rather than the 6 character Record Locator). Don’t worry, you can still edit the trip name from within TripCase.

Facebook Authentication
If you’re new to TripCase, you now have the ability to sign up for TripCase and sign in using your Facebook account. Create an account and accept the terms and conditions simply using the “Sign in with Facebook” button.