Our latest release includes major changes to the area of our app where we store helpful details to help reduce your anxiety and make traveling easier, known as the Tripfeed. In fact, these changes were so substantial that we decided to update our app to version 4.0.

What is the TripCase Tripfeed, and why is it so cool?

Located directly below the flight, hotel, and other cards in TripCase, the Tripfeed consists of brief messages, designed to assist you with some aspect of your trip. You might see a message to view a map of the airport, see photos of your hotel, or even check-in for your flight, if your airline supports it – these capabilities and much more can now be accessed within the updated Tripfeed.


The fact that we offer services that you may not even be aware are available to you makes the TripCase Tripfeed surprisingly helpful. For instance, did you know you can reserve a parking spot at the airport? How about the ability to check-in to your hotel and request room preferences directly from TripCase? You can also view TSA Pre-check locations before you even get to the airport! Give the Tripfeed a once-over the next time you travel, and we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what it enables you to do. With TripCase v4.0, we’ve simplified the Tripfeed with a new look and feel, while using bolder accent colors as part of a flattened user interface.

What was wrong with the old TripCase Tripfeed?

One frustration we had with the old Tripfeed was that it was structured as a single list of messages. This forced us to place messages about your flight above messages about restaurants, but below messages about hotels, which were above messages about your car rental. Even we were confused by the whole thing! To make accessing the information easier, the new Tripfeed is split into multiple lists organized by activity types. Now, flight cards will only have flight-related messages under them, while in a separate list, hotel cards contain the hotel information, etc. We’ve also enhanced the Trip Countdown Card to include a beautiful map of your destination in the background.

Why is the new Tripfeed better?

Improvements such as these, as well as the rest of the conceptual ideas for the Tripfeed’s redesign, were put through multiple usability testing sessions prior to proceeding with any development efforts. We brought in actual travelers to see if they found the new interface more helpful and intuitive. These usability testing sessions confirmed that users ended up swiping more from screen to screen, enabling them to discover further functionality which they had previously been confused by, or unaware of, within TripCase. We also found that these travelers had a better comprehension of the value TripCase offered them, since the messages are now grouped by activity and could be more relevant. We hope this means that you will be swiping through your itinerary and Tripfeed more. To enable you to do this more efficiently, we added full length panels to swipe vertically as well as side-to-side, another capability which our testers found helpful, and we hope you do too.

Take some time to play around with the latest updates on your next trip, and stay tuned for more messages and services to become available as we expand capabilities within the Tripfeed.