Remember This Place

We don’t want to just make your experience while traveling great, we want to help you after you return home too. This is why we’re bringing you our new “Remember This Place” feature. Now with TripCase, you’ll not only know where you’re going, but you’ll remember where you’ve been. We’ve all found those amazing restaurants while traveling: That hole in the wall, the one in a back street you could never find again, or maybe a name that you’re sure to forget. Do you jot them down on your phone and forget about them or write it on a napkin, only to inadvertently toss it in the trash?

TripCase Remember This Place

Now you’ll be able to save your favorite places easily into your trips. By choosing the + at the bottom of your screen you can select nearby places to save and remember forever.

TripCase Remember This Place

Next time you find a great place while traveling, ditch the napkin and instead store it in TripCase. We’ll be adding more functionality to “Remember This Place” in future releases, but we’d love to hear your feedback!

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