Occasionally there is an article written for our Sabre partners that is just too good to not share with our travelers as well. We will call this, “the other perspective”.

We spend a lot of time studying business travelers so we can understand and anticipate your needs. Within TripCase, the messages in the Tripfeed are a great way to connect airlines and travelers to help out with the little things, as mentioned below.

This is one of several posts we will share on some recent findings about the road warrior. Find the entire piece on the Ascend Magazine web site.

Airlines And Road Warriors

What types of perks should airlines offer status members to retain their business?

Road warriors such as McDonald want complimentary choices with her status booking such as a light snack upon arrival or a full breakfast each morning. Motley believes airlines should be proactive in anticipating potential trouble with their passengers’ travel itineraries and automatically rescheduling them on alternate flights in cases of flight disruptions or cancellations.

Customer Loyalty
Using a few preferred travel companies, such as airlines and hotels, earns road warriors status, which is the No. 1 tool for today’s frequent traveler. With status comes special perks including complimentary seat upgrades, room service and hotel gifts at check-in.

Jody Venturoni and Brian Galke, who travel extensively for the public relations and telecommunications industries, respectively, want airlines to elevate the status concept to the next level.

“With my status level, I would like concierge service for local events,” said Galke.

Venturoni agrees, saying, “My 11-year-old daughter wanted me to bring a plush manatee home from Miami. While it seemed like a simple request, I had to catch a cab to the Miami Aquarium to get one. I couldn’t find one anywhere else!”.

Excerpt from Sabre Airline Solutions Ascend Magazine by Kathleen Nolan, Marketing Manager.

Other ideas for perks from the airlines? Please share below.