Just because you splurged on the trip, doesn’t mean you have to sit in your hotel room the whole time. With a little bit of work ahead of time, you can escape the resort without breaking the bank. Here are four easy ways that you can save money while traveling:

  1. Sign Up For Local Deals – about a month or two before you travel to a new city, sign up for local deals in that city through Groupon, Amazon Local, and other similar sites. They’ll often have discounts on everything from zoo passes and concert tickets to skydiving and massages.
  2. Join The Mailing List – if you have your heart set on a local museum or attraction, see if they have an email mailing list you can join. This is a great way to find out about special promotions and offers that may only be available to subscribers.
  3. Book Ahead – not only is it easier to shop for and compare excursions and private tours ahead of time, but you can sometimes get a discount for booking in advance, as well.
  4. Watch the Tripfeed – we partner with various companies to provide our travelers with exclusive offers on tours and attractions in select cities. These messages will show up in the Tripfeed in your TripCase app.

How do you find out about deals while you travel?