At TripCase, we’re all about helping you be brilliant while traveling. While this obviously starts with easy-t0-find weather, seat maps, and other information, it also includes finding ways to make other aspects of your travel less stressful. When you’re traveling, there’s pretty much guaranteed to be someone who is concerned with how your trip is going. This might be your boss, coworker, or admin, or it might be your spouse, parents, or roommate. Whoever it is, it should be easy for you to keep them informed. With TripCase, we make this possible using our Share feature.

Share on TripCase

To Share your trip with someone in TripCase, simply click the ‘Share’ button and then enter their email address. If you’re using your phone, you can also select an email address from your phone’s contact list. They’ll be notified of your trip via email and be given the chance to setup their own TripCase account. Then your trip will automatically show up in their ‘Following’ section. That’s it – from there, they’ll be able to easily see any changes to your itinerary, or if your flight is delayed, so you can focus on your trip. You can even designate a contact as ‘always share’ so you don’t have to do this for every trip – a great feature for your spouse or assistant. You can turn on the “always share’ functionality when you access your Contacts from a mobile device.

Your people can then follow your trip anywhere they use TripCase – on their phone or on their computer.