Are you counting down until your next trip? Maybe you’ve booked your flight and hotel at a discount with reward points you’ve collected and can’t stop bragging about. You’ve probably envisioned each outfit for everyday of your trip. You might have even gone as far as to dust off the ‘ol gym shoes in attempt to lose a couple of pounds in preparation for departure.

We get it… If any group can understand the excitement of anticipating a big trip, it’s the TripCase Crew. That’s exactly why we created our new countdown feature – so you’ll know exactly how much time stands between you and your next trip. You’ll see the countdown the moment you open TripCase (after a trip has been added to your account), counting down each day until it starts. From this Action View screen you can also check the weather of your destination, add items to your trip, and even share your itinerary.

So the next time you find yourself compulsively opening TripCase throughout the day to check the seat map or hotel pictures in painful anticipation of your trip, share your countdown with us on Twitter or Instagram. We find it calming and to be honest, a bit fun to throw in our friends’ faces… But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.