Ideas float around our office like bubbles. We spend every day asking ourselves, “What is the next thing travelers need?” and “What challenges do they face?” Admittedly, it’s hard to fit them all on the ever-growing To Do list. We are constantly writing it all down before they metaphorically pop. Plus, it’s especially important we get your top needs in there, too.

Although not every trip is for fun, it doesn’t mean there can’t be moments worth remembering, or, reminiscing on what could have been or what should be. You know, like free socks to wear in the airport security line. Or how flight alerts should most definitely be free for all.

Then we thought, “Just think of all the great ideas we could collect by inviting real travelers to brainstorm with us!”

And that brings us to what #ShouldBEaThing when traveling, or in everyday life. We’re driving a conversation — and hopefully a little fun — potentially uncovering hidden gems for making the world a little better. That’s why we NEED to hear from you. Granted, playing tug-of-war for a middle seat isn’t the real answer, but it’s fun to imagine. On the other hand, knowing all taxi cabs really do have GPS could be a big win. So what’s your thing? For every submission, we’re also donating a dollar to the Polaris Project. Learn more about this cause and why we’re getting involved.

And just a little tip, the more extreme the idea, the more attention you could get. However, if the cleverness stops with your trip planning skills, we hope you’ll still go vote on your favorites and help some creative soul win a little travel reward for their idea. Check out the contest rules and weekly prizes.