You know that lovey-dovey phase that happens early in a romantic relationship, when both parties want to know and share every single detail about each other’s lives? For example, maybe you want to share with your partner where you’ll be at any given moment during your upcoming business trip. Or, maybe you want to pick your sweetie up from the airport following his weekly flight home from ORD?

Well, if you’re at that stage, congrats and please read closely as we’ve got some important information that will surely make your romance blossom like a field of tulips.

And if you’re not in that lovey-dovey phase, chances are you’ve still got some people in your life (think friends, family and colleagues), who may need some or all of your travel plans for any given trip. This information includes things like flight time updates, gate assignments/re-assignments and baggage claim information.

So just how do you give your love interest, family members, friends or colleagues access to all your travel plans this Valentine’s Day and beyond?

Email updates can be sent to loved ones and colleagues by simply adding them as “Connections” in your TripCase account. To do so, log into, click on the Settings Tab on the top of the page, and then go to the Connections tab within the Settings page. There you can add the email address of the person or persons you wish to include on your travel updates.

A verification message will be sent to that person’s or persons’ email address. Once the recipient has verified their email address, they’ll begin receiving your trip updates as they occur.

So, what happens if you break up and don’t want your ex knowing any of your travel details?

To remove someone from your travel updates, simply go into the Connections tab on the Settings page at and hit delete next to the address you wish to discontinue.

Can you add another email address for yourself?

Yes, you can add multiple email addresses for yourself. Go to, Settings and then find Email Settings in the lower right hand corner of the page. Add your additional address(es) and you’ll receive a verification email which will instruct you on how to receive email notifications at the secondary address(es).

Can TripCase send notifications for specific items, like flight changes?

Yes. Most of the time your loved ones don’t need access to your entire itinerary (meeting locations, hotel, car rental info, etc.). However, they do need to know if your flight home is delayed, arriving early or if the gate changes. To keep them informed of your arrival, select the trip for which you want to activate notifications. Next, click on Tools and then the Arrival Updates icon. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address. Once the email address is entered, the person will begin receiving updates for just the travel segments you have selected.