Do you remember when your car was just a hunk of metal? Years ago, cars didn’t have onboard computers, GPS, or remote keyfobs. In the past decade or so, however, even the most entry-level car has all of these extras. Instead of slipping a metal key into your ignition, you simply push a button to start the engine. If it’s hot outside, you open your car’s app on your smartphone and press a button to send a ‘start the engine and air conditioning’ message wirelessly to your car – whether you’re in line-of-sight distance or not. Soon, you could have a similar experience with your suitcase, if Bluesmart has anything to do with it.

Bluesmart Connected Suitcase

Bluesmart’s connected suitcase will connect wirelessly to your smartphone and include a host of sensors and connections, which you’ll be able to manage through their app. Some of their planned key features sound pretty awesome. For instance, the connected suitcase is expected to have a digital scale built into the handle, so you can instantly weigh your own luggage to know if you’ll need to check it. Bluesmart is also working to have a TSA-approved lock on the suitcase that can be unlocked via the smartphone app, and a massive internal battery should make it a great portable charging station for your smartphone or tablet.

The Bluesmart connected suitcase carry-on is currently being crowd-funded on IndieGogo – you can get one of the first units available for a pledge of $215, as of this writing. They plan to begin shipping in August 2015, if everything goes well.

What other features would you like in a connected suitcase?