How Can I Sync My Calendar?

There are two ways to import your calendar: via live subscription and file import. To get to both options, go to in a web browser (login is the same id and password as on your phone) and click on the drop down option at the top of the page and then on the Calendar tab below.

There are two ways to import your calendar:

Live Subscription

For online calendars and other calendars that can access the internet, the best option is to set up a calendar subscription. The url to import your TripCase information into your calendar is right there on the page at the Calendar tab. With a subscription, every time your calendar accesses the Internet, it will check the url and see if there are any changes to your itineraries since you last connected, keeping your calendar synced with your TripCase. If you want to share your TripCase information with someone else’s calendar you can that person the same url and they too will have a subscription to your TripCase itineraries. At any point, you can change the url (to stop others you’ve given the url to from seeing your information on their calendars) or stop the TripCase calendar feed altogether.

One-Time Import

If your calendar doesn’t connect to the Internet or you don’t want a live connection with your travel information, you can do a one-time download of all of your TripCase travel information and import it into your calendar. With this method, if you add or change anything on your trips, the information will not be automatically updated and you will need to re-download the file and import it again (of just manually make the change on your calendar if it is an easy change).