Top Airport Stores for Holiday Shopping

For some of us, the busy holiday season means having to travel a lot. More time traveling means less time shopping for gifts. But shopping doesn’t have to take place at the mall. You can pick up some great gifts at airport stores you may often overlook while hurrying to catch your flight.


The iStore […]

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Carry-On Bag Sizes by Airline

Picking the right size bag for your carry-on can be the difference between a quick walk onto the plane or the frustration of having to check it. Each airline sets their own rules on size and weight and it can all become a bit confusing. Here are the following bag sizes and requirements for all […]

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Sleeping in Airports

Whether it’s a cancelled flight or a long layover, chances are you’ve considered sleeping in airports, or at least thought about grabbing a quick nap. Getting a quick nap in or a full nights’ sleep, you’ve no doubt found that sleeping in airports is both difficult and loud. So we’ve compiled a list of tips to […]

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Traveling with TripCase: 2013 by the numbers

In wrapping up 2013, we took a look at TripCase by the numbers. We’ve had a little fun digging into what our trip data says about TripCase travelers. But first, we look at just the month of December.

While many of our travelers think in dates, others about their location; this month we have seen something […]

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Travel App Features Needed — Straight from the traveler’s mouth…

The TripCase Crew recently took to the airport to talk to real travelers. Set out on a mission to get opinions of what exactly is important to have in a travel app, we heard amazing feedback – from must-have features for today to wish lists of tomorrow. We take our research seriously, but it was […]

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