Share Lets You Keep Your Friends and Family Informed

At TripCase, we’re all about helping you be brilliant while traveling. While this obviously starts with easy-t0-find weather, seat maps, and other information, it also includes finding ways to make other aspects of your travel less stressful. When you’re traveling, there’s pretty much guaranteed to be someone who is concerned with how your trip is […]

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Android is here!

Yesterday we launched our Android app and already have close to 500 fans!

Our app currently supports v1.6 and higher, so if that’s you, come on down so you can also enjoy the smartest, free travel app out there.

To download, go to the Android Market, search on TripCase to read more and download. Be sure to […]

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Add Flights by Email

One of the features our travelers love most is that if your travel agent uses Sabre, your trips will automatically show up in your TripCase – you don’t have to lift a finger! But what happens if you book elsewhere? Easy – you can just forward the confirmation email to us at to add […]

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Enhanced Trip Alerts and Messages!

Travel smarter by having the information you need at hand.

Our message and alert stream provides you up-to-date flight information, special airport offers like parking availability and meal deals and baggage claim status.
Open up your current Trip and scroll down on the current page to see the important and relevant messages for your trip.

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BusinessWeek names TripCase top travel app

This week BusinessWeek’s Atlanta bureau chief, Dean Foust named TripCase as his top travel app.

Pretty exciting stuff right? We think so and invite you to try TripCase for yourself at Let us know what you think via our feedback link on our site or right from the app.

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Countdown is on…

So we’re days away from final submission to Apple. We’re pretty excited, tired, anxious and giddy all at once.

Our team has spent several months on iteration planning, design mocks, copy points and branding. We just want it live already! Having a third party be *the* dependency on go/ no-go is unusual for us, so it’s […]

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Why the iPhone?

Others writers here have mentioned that TripCase reflects our belief that TripCase can make travel better. That there is information and technology that travelers need on the road today, and isn’t.

But TripCase started out as just a concept, that we could make travel better. But the question quickly became “How?”.

The first answer is […]

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Apple submission

Apple’s review process has seen dramatic improvements in 2009. The review team is more responsive now.
For those who are not familiar with the submission process to ITunes Store, here is a summary of the steps involved:

1) The development team uses a software package called XCode to build a binary of the application with appropriate […]

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Private beta here we come

So alpha testing is very strong with the app getting high scores from testers. Lot’s of good enhancement requests and feedback that will make public launch rock!

We’re opening it up now for private beta. We’ve selected a few hundred of our closest friends to participate but if you want it, drop us a line and […]

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