When is When?

When someone asks a pregnant woman when she is due the answer is simple. The due date, while not an exact prediction, is a rather straight forward formula that doesn’t vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. We don’t have the choice of extending the birth date until the nursery is completed, or until all the announcements […]

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Apple submission

Apple’s review process has seen dramatic improvements in 2009. The review team is more responsive now.
For those who are not familiar with the submission process to ITunes Store, here is a summary of the steps involved:

1) The development team uses a software package called XCode to build a binary of the application with appropriate […]

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Private beta here we come

So alpha testing is very strong with the app getting high scores from testers. Lot’s of good enhancement requests and feedback that will make public launch rock!

We’re opening it up now for private beta. We’ve selected a few hundred of our closest friends to participate but if you want it, drop us a line and […]

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