Travel Insurance: What Is It, Who Needs It, & How to Choose a Plan

Is travel insurance a waste of money – or essential for smart travelers? The truth lies in-between, and will depend on several factors. In this article, we’ll find the best answer for you.
What Is Travel Insurance?
Travel insurance is made up of two basic parts: trip insurance and medical insurance. You can purchase the parts individually or […]

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Want to See the World? Jobs & Careers That Let You Travel

Do you dream of getting paid to travel the world? You can. Thanks to globalization, an international lifestyle is easier than ever. If traveling is your priority, there are numerous jobs that let you work your way around the world – and turn your business into pleasure.
1. Bartender/Server

If you’re under the age of 30 (or 35 in […]

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How to Choose a Phone for International Travel

There are no two ways about it – traveling internationally costs money. Outside of typical costs like airfare, hotel, and food, there is a potentially devastating bill lurking in the shadows:  Your smartphone.

Despite what the cheeky 20-somethings working at your mobile service provider sales counter may say, simply buying an unlocked or international phone isn’t enough to guarantee […]

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U.S. Customs Regulations: What You Need to Know

Uniformed officers with serious faces. Confused travelers. Line after line after line. Going through U.S. Customs your first time can seem a little intimidating. Discover all the important regulations and requirements you need to know, and you’ll breeze through Customs like a professional jet-setter.
Before You Arrive Back Home: Fill Out the Form
While you’re on your […]

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Infographic: Trends for Global Business Travel Spend

Globally, business travel spend will reach an astounding $1.25 Trillion by the end of 2015. That’s trillion with a “t” for business travel alone, not counting personal travel. Clearly, businesses continue to see the value of meeting in-person.

The growth is especially strong in China, which is forecast to grow 61% by 2019. Other emerging countries expecting to reach […]

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