TripCase v4.8.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.8.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.8.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.8.0 Release Changelog

NEW Receipt Feature – Capture and store receipts to make business travel expenses easy. See What’s New
NEW TripCase Alexa Skill – Easily track your flight and […]

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TripCase v4.7.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.7.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.7.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.7.0 Release Changelog

Notification Center – Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be launching a phased rollout of our new notification center within TripCase. The […]

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TripCase for Samsung Gear S2 Travel App

At TripCase, we believe that wearables such as smartwatches are going to be integral to the future of travel. We started working towards this in 2014 when we launched rich notification support for the Samsung’s first Tizen-powered smartwatch, the Gear S. At that time, we also told you we were working on a full app for Samsung’s Tizen […]

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5 Ways The Tripfeed Helps You Take Better Trips

One way we help you take better trips is by providing you with the right information at the right time throughout your trip. You know that TripCase sends notifications for flight cancellations, delays, and gate changes, but did you also know that TripCase provides you with in-app messages when you need them most?

Ever notice the […]

Notification Management Puts Travelers In Control

Our most frequent travelers hear from TripCase often – we email you to confirm when you add a new trip to your TripCase, 24 hours before your trip starts, and an average of seven times throughout your trip for various updates, such as flight delays, gate changes, and the like. It’s all helpful, but we […]

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Trip Notifications & Alerts You Can Rely On

One of the features that we hear you tell us you love the most about TripCase is our trip notifications. Whether you receive the alert via email, on your iPhone or Android phone, or even on your smartwatch, TripCase’s FREE  trip notifications can save you from missing your flight, or even let you know that you have […]

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TripCase Coming To The Samsung Gear S

Wearables and smartwatches are all the craze these days, and we can see why. Being able to get quick information right on your wrist is definitely useful, especially when you’re rushing through the airport to catch your flight. As we launch into this industry, TripCase is proud to be among the first mobile apps to be partnered […]

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