My Chaotic Life

The alarm goes off and it’s time to start the day.  It’s going to be a great day!  Looking at the family calendar I find myself relaxing.  Who would have ever thought that today of all days would be the first day in a long time where there was not anything planned on the home front? Shriek! The kids are up and about to interrupt what was once a moment of bliss – silence.  Let the day begin.


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Fun with our crew: Stadium Seating, Popcorn and Interns

What’s the TripCase Crew been up to you ask?

We’re recapping all happenings inside TripCase for the past couple months, because, well, we’ve had fun and why not share it. When you put it all together it’s a little exhausting, and that’s not just from our belly laughing.

Stadium seating can serve many purposes. It’s a great […]

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Countdown is on…

So we’re days away from final submission to Apple. We’re pretty excited, tired, anxious and giddy all at once.

Our team has spent several months on iteration planning, design mocks, copy points and branding. We just want it live already! Having a third party be *the* dependency on go/ no-go is unusual for us, so it’s […]

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