Summer Travel Tips

As summer kicks into gear, you’re likely heading out on some awesome family vacations, getaway trips, or just more sales meetings and conferences. No matter the purpose of your trip, we’re here to help you travel smarter with some summer travel tips that we’ve picked up through our travels.

Use those weekdays – as creatures of habit, it’s […]

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Top Summer Travel Tips

This summer, we want to help you travel smarter with some summer travel tips. While we could make the obvious recommendation to use TripCase for your travels (and we will, at the bottom of this post), there are some other things that you can do to make sure your summer getaway is relaxing and not […]

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4 Steps To Beating Jet Lag

When it comes to long overseas flights, even with the best airline, they can be a drag. Unfortunately you can’t do much to make the flights shorter, but you can do a few things to help beat that jet lag!

1. Relax
If you’re flying while it is daylight in your destination, you may want to skip […]

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Tips For An Easy Hotel Stay

For most travelers, living out of a suitcase becomes a way of life. However, there’s no reason you can’t make your hotel room feel a bit more comfortable. Here’s a few quick tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

Shower Steamer

We recommend unpacking as soon as you get in your room, to avoid wrinkly clothes. Since […]

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Mixing Business with Pleasure…

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling the world for business. I’m not one of those travelers who have only seen the airport, the backseat of a cab, and a white-washed hotel room.  In the hundreds of cities around the world I’ve visited, I get out and experience it…whether it’s a new city or my […]

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Introducing Travel Tips for Brilliant Trips

Why read about TripCase in the same old way, when you can enjoy pictures of helpful travel tips instead?
We’re offering you a new cheat sheet for traveling with TripCase. We think even if you don’t NEED help, there’s something in our tip for everyone.

What is this?
This graphic represents both some coveted personal travel items […]

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