TripCase v4.8.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.8.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.8.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.8.0 Release Changelog

NEW Receipt Feature – Capture and store receipts to make business travel expenses easy. See What’s New
NEW TripCase Alexa Skill – Easily track your flight and […]

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Business Travel Expense

How to Effectively Manage Travel Expenses and Generate Timely Expense Reports

Face it. Expense reports are the proverbial thorn in every business traveler’s side. No matter how little or much you travel, they’re simply unavoidable, much like flight delays and cancellations. Adding to all the stress, most companies have strict policies for how long you can […]

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TripCase Amazon Alexa

TripCase is an award-winning travel app that helps millions of travelers organize all their trip details in a single place. With TripCase, travelers have access to critical travel alerts like flight delays, gate changes and reservation cancellations as well as integrated tools like weather, seat maps and driving directions – all free of charge.

With the […]

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TripCase v4.7.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.7.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.7.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.7.0 Release Changelog

Notification Center – Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be launching a phased rollout of our new notification center within TripCase. The […]

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TripCase v4.6.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.6.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.6.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.6.0 Release Changelog

Fingerprint Login – to continue improving security and ease of access, TripCase now supports fingerprint login on compatible iOS (TouchID) and Android devices. To enable this feature, simply log out […]

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Stay informed with TripCase during Superstorm Sandy

No doubt Superstorm Sandy has interrupted your travel plans. We’re here to help. We compiled a few tips aimed at saving you time and reducing the worries that accompany a storm of this magnitude.

Right from your mobile device TripCase can help:

1. Keep friends and family informed of your travel plans.

Open your trip in TripCase, […]

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Getting through Superstorm Sandy: Important airline updates, plus carrier contact info

To help our travelers get through the next few days of cancellations and delays resulting from Superstorm Sandy, we’ve pulled together a list of airlines with links to important airline updates and carrier contact info. We’ve also included information for Amtrak. Remember, before contacting the airline you can make re-booking easier by searching for alternate […]

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Getting started: Add a trip, log-in and go!

So you’ve signed up for Tripcase and downloaded the TripCase app for your mobile device. Now what? To start enjoying the benefits of stress-free travel with TripCase, now all you need to do is add a trip. Don’t worry, we’ve made it super-simple.

The absolute super-easiest way to add a trip

Forward your travel confirmation emails […]

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TripCase Tip: Manually refresh your trip in TripCase to ensure your details are up-to-date

If you booked your trip through a Sabre-connected travel partner such as a travel agency or corporate travel provider, your trip information should automatically update when changes occur.

However, if you know something has changed in your trip but don’t see it reflected within TripCase, you should manually refresh your trip to make sure it gets […]

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TripCase means less stress, cool travel tools, free flight alerts and more

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken TripCase out on the road for a spin. Or, maybe it’s your first time. Either way, we’re excited to tell you about all of the tools and features designed to help take the stress out of your travels. With TripCase, you’ll be:

Organized. No more scrambling for confirmation […]

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