Is There A Way to Check the Weather in TripCase?

Yes, there is! There are many places that you can find the weather forecast online. Unfortunately, when you are traveling, going to a website or opening another app to view the weather is not an efficient use of your time. Because of this, TripCase created a […]

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Updated Top 5 Tools

Have the Top 5 Tools Changed?

Yes, they have! When we last asked you, we learned what features were the most popular for you on TripCase. Since then, new features have been added to make this app more convenient and easy to use. In our last survey, the top five tools used in TripCase were:

1. Seat […]

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Confessions of a Weather Addict

It snowed this week in parts of the United States. Snow… In April… And I loved it! See, I need to share something about myself, something personal, something only those closest to me know. Where better a place to make a confession than the internet?

I am a weather addict! I love checking the weather. I […]

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TripCase v1.2 new features ** spoiler alert **

We’ve submitted our latest build and, cross fingers, it’s only about a week away from being live in iTunes. Lot’s of great new features including:

* Weather preference in Celsius and distance in metrics, thanks to the feedback from our fans around the world

* Manually add and edit confirmation numbers for flights, hotel and rental cars

* […]

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