This past Sunday started out as an average travel day. After a fun weekend with family and friends in San Francisco and Napa, my husband and I made our way to the airport to head back home to Dallas. We were early, our flight was on time, all was good in our travel universe.

Well, as is often the case when traveling, things started to slowly escalate into one of those kinds of travel days.

After boarding our 3:25 p.m. flight, we began moving on the tarmac to what we thought was the runway. Not so fast. My husband was the first to notice. We’re heading back toward the gate! Never a good sign. Turns out there were mechanical issues and we were asked to deplane and wait for further instruction.

Never one to wait around, I quickly turned on TripCase on my phone, where I was able to view alternate flights and call the airline with one click to see what my options were. Sadly, there weren’t any at this point as everything was booked solid that afternoon (it was a crazy busy weekend in San Fran with lots of visitors it turns out). There wasn’t anything we could do but wait for our plane to get fixed or hope the airline found a replacement plane.

Good news! A replacement plane was located. Two hours later my comrades and I, who were becoming fast friends, boarded a plane together for the second time that day.

Bad News! Turns out there’s a reason they don’t say the “second time’s a charm”. Something was wrong with plane number two as well. They asked us to wait in our seats until they figured out if the problem was fixable. I used that as my clue to look for alternate flights leaving early the next morning. Unfortunately, everything was still booked solid. Well, unless we wanted to fly into Dallas via Miami from San Fran. We passed. And, on the advice of the airline agent I had called, we waited to see what was going to happen with plane number two.

You can see where this is going. Our second plane couldn’t be fixed either, so we got the band back together and boarded our third plane. Thankfully, the third time was a charm. When we hit the air at takeoff my fellow passengers and I clapped and cheered. We weren’t really expecting to be airborne.

I am happy to report we arrived home at 1:40 a.m. It could have been far, far worse. We could still be in the terminal, eating our 12th meal in the San Francisco airport.

I credit TripCase with helping us feel a little bit more in control of our destiny that day. Without TripCase on my phone I would have been looking up airline phone numbers and alternate flights on a myriad of websites, all the while running out of precious battery power (I had been reading the Hunger Games prior to our second plane so I was very much in a “time means survival” frame of mind).

Instead, knowing I was not actually in the Hunger Games, I calmly opened TripCase and in several easy clicks of a button found exactly what I needed. Now I might not have gotten the resolution I wanted (two first class seats on a flight that arrived before midnight), but TripCase kept me informed and provided me with easy access to answers and options from beginning to end.

As someone who writes about the benefits of TripCase in a weekly blog, I knew in my heart of hearts that TripCase had my back on the road. But like that new guy you’re dating, you never really know for sure until he’s tested by a 12-hour flight delay. TripCase, you passed with flying colors.

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