Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, forecasts that nearly 24 million passengers will fly during the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday season.

That’s a lot of people in the sky and at the airport. Accordingly, during the busy holiday travel season A4A recommends passengers check their flight status, check-in with their airline before arriving at the airport, sign-up for electronic flight updates and allow adequate time for security screening and checking bags.

Whew. That’s a lot to remember.

Did you know you can accomplish all that (and more) with the help of TripCase?

You don’t need a multitude of websites or apps

TripCase will handle it all in just a few clicks. TripCase is a travel management tool that organizes your trip details in one place and provides the helpful tips and tools you need every step of the way. TripCase will:

  • Begin monitoring your flight 48 hours before departure and instantly alert you if anything changes.
  • Tell you when check-in is available for your flight.
  • Provide flight alerts like gate changes, delays and cancellations – all FREE of charge.
  • Alert you to any delays happening with airport security.

Staying with the in-laws?

Of those traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, Trip Advisor says 47% will stay at the home of family or friends. If things are getting a little too close for comfort at the in-laws’ house this Thanksgiving, have no fear, TripCase can help you locate a hotel.

Just open your trip on your phone, touch Add/Edit>Add Lodging. You can search three ways: by current location, a location within your trip or chose a location by entering the address.

And voila, you’ll be in your own space in no time.

Other ways TripCase can help you navigate holiday travel

  • Search for alternate flights: If the unthinkable happens and your flight’s delayed or cancelled this Thanksgiving, TripCase can help you find an alternate flight based on your original reservation. You can search on all airlines or your original carrier.
  • Find driving directions in a flash: Based on your location and itinerary, TripCase can map directions between items in your trip. No more searching for addresses or using multiple apps to map where you’re going.
  • Access important contact numbers: TripCase provides easy access to addresses and telephone numbers for your flight, hotel, car rental and other items included in your itinerary. Just find what you’re looking for in the click of a button or two.
  • Share your travel info: Keep friends, family and co-workers informed of your travel plans with arrival and departure updates, gate assignments and baggage claim details. Just add their email addresses to your trip.
  • Check out the weather: See what the temps will be like during your stay. No need to use other apps or type anything in. The info is right there on your trip screen.

Not flying this Thanksgiving?

Even if you’re not flying this holiday season, chances are you‘ll have to pick up a loved one or two at the airport. You can rely on TripCase to make sure you’re on time when mom lands.

To begin receiving your mom’s arrival updates, she’ll need to do a few things to get set up. It’s really easy to get started. She just needs to:

  • Sign-up for a TripCase account and download the TripCase app.
  • Add her flight details.
  • Open the trip, tap the Arrival Updates icon,
    then the + sign in the upper right-hand corner, and type your email address.
  • And voila. You’ll receive arrival updates about your mom’s trip starting 48 hours before departure.

Mom technically challenged? Add her flight details to your own TripCase account and designate yourself as a recipient of Arrival Updates for the flight.

Maybe you’re driving over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house instead of flying. Discover how TripCase makes things easier no matter how you get there.

So what are you waiting for?

No one wants to be stressed out during the holidays. Let TripCase help make your life a little
easier. Give TripCase a try, today.