We don’t like to think about bad dreams here at TripCase. After all, we’re in the biz of taking the hassle out of travel, not creating travel nightmares. But the writer of this very blog entered into a time warp of bad travel dreams over the weekend when she stumbled upon some old work folders from a prior job that contained sheets and sheets of printed paper with travel details.

It took her way back to a somewhat recent past when we printed out all of our trip information about flights, rental cars, hotels, directions and maps before hitting the road. All of which would then be stored in a nice, yet completely messy manila folder. It was a much more complicated time back then – we listened to music on CDs, read the news in newspapers instead of online and went to the public library and bookstores instead of iTunes and Amazon for our books.

Much like the way iTunes and Spotify have simplified the way we store and listen to music, or to the way the Kindle and iPad have forever changed the way we read books, TripCase is making our travel lives simpler, better.

Think of TripCase as your mobile manila folder. It’s your “home base” for travel no matter where you go. We’re always at the ready, at your fingertips on your smartphone with important travel details. No more fumbling through papers for flight details or confirmation numbers, and no more manila folders. All you need is TripCase.

TripCase stores all of your trip information from flight info (including seat locations), to your hotel and rental car details. You can also record your expenses on TripCase with our handy expense tool. Flight cancelled? We’ll recommend alternate flight schedules immediately. We’ll provide directions and traffic alerts, too. Our powerful tools and intelligent messaging advise you of opportunities and potential travel pitfalls every step of the way. No more travel nightmares or manila folders with TripCase. Let us simplify your travels.

Do you have any old school travel nightmares from the manila folder days? Did you ever lose your manila folder while on the road?