For most travelers, living out of a suitcase becomes a way of life. However, there’s no reason you can’t make your hotel room feel a bit more comfortable. Here’s a few quick tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

  • Shower Steamer
    • We recommend unpacking as soon as you get in your room, to avoid wrinkly clothes. Since you’re probably going to take a shower, go ahead and hang your clothes in the bathroom while you do it; the steamy bathroom will get those wrinkles out without wasting water or electricity (since you were going to shower anyways).

Shower for an easy hotel stay

  • Shoe Shine
    • Now that your clothes are taken care of, look at your shoes – could they use a shine? When there’s no shoe polish nearby, you can rub them down with a dab of the body lotion from the bathroom. Buff it out with some facial tissues and you’re ready to roll.

Shine Your Shoes - Easy Hotel Stay

  • Pump Up The Jams
    • While some hotels provide an in-room alarm clock with radio, sometimes you just want your own tunes. If you didn’t bring a speaker, drop your phone or iPod into an *empty* glass to instantly amp up the tunes.
  • Perfect Pillows
    • Most hotels have amazing pillows. However, if they’re just too fluffy, you can slip one or two folded bath towels into an empty pillow case to create a more firm pillow that won’t hurt your neck. A spare blanket will also work, if one’s available.

Towel Pillows - Easy Hotel Stay

  • Exfoliate
    • Airplane air dried you out? Make a paste with one of the sugar packets from the coffee maker setup and some hair conditioner. BONUS: You can also use the conditioner as shaving cream in a pinch.
  • Keep’em Separated
    • When you’re packing for home, put your dirty clothes in the plastic laundry drop-off bag before putting them in your suitcase. It’ll keep your clean clothes fresh, and makes unpacking at home even easier.

What’s your favorite hotel room tip?