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Hey there.

You may have noticed that in each trip segment on TripCase there is a box called “Note”. This box is for you, the TripCase user, to add notes for yourself about the trip or the segment.

I’ve used the Notes box a few times and it was really helpful!

The first time I used it was when the airline didn’t accept my frequent flyer number when I booked my flight. I didn’t know if I had the wrong number or there was a problem with their system. I wanted to check with the airline when I got to the airport, but was afraid that in the hustle and bustle of checking in and security, I would forget. So, I entered a note in my TripCase for that flight, reminding myself to check my frequent flyer number and make sure it was with my reservation. When I got to the airport, I pulled up my TripCase to check on my flight, and there wasy reminder…right when I needed it most.

Austin Tripp

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