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Hey travelers! I’ve got a quick tip that will help you keep your trips organized.

Dad was going to Chicago a couple of times a month and booked his trips in advance. I looked at his TripCase and noticed he had four trips coming up that all had very similar names like “Chicago 10/19” and “Chicago “11/8.” Turns out, this is the way the trips were being added by his corporate travel department and he didn’t know how to go in and give each a more specific name.

I let him know that if you click on the “Edit Trip” button while you are looking at a trip, then click on the Add/Edit button (or just the Edit link next to the trip name on the web), you can give the trip your own custom name. Now Dad’s trips to Chicago say things like “Chicago: Product Review Meeting” and “Chicago: Client Presentation,” which he says helps him stay more organized.


Hope this helps you!

Austin Tripp

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