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Hi, there, fellow TripCase users. Tina Tripp here again, helping you be brilliant while using TripCase for your travels.

We have found TripCase to be a fabulous tool for keeping all of us Tripps organized and ahead of the game while we travel. However, TripCase can’t help us on our trips if we don’t have our trip details in the system. Getting your itinerary information (flights, hotels, rental cars, ground transportation, events, etc) into TripCase is your first step, and is actually pretty easy. When you make a reservation, either by travel agent, travel website, or directly with the airline or hotel, there are three ways to get that information into TripCase. Here’s the lowdown on each, starting with the easiest:

Direct Import: If you have a six letter reservation code, there is a chance that you can directly import your reservation from whoever booked it (click on “Import my Booking”). This only works if the place you booked the reservation is a TripCase partner, but that’s still about 25% of all North American reservations (and growing), so it’s worth a try.

email-forwardingEmail It: If you can’t directly import the booking, then you can simply forward your reservation confirmation email to the fine folks at TripCase at and let them extract the right information from your reservation and add it to your TripCase. In order for this to work, you have to forward the reservation confirmation to TripCase from an email address that is a verified email address tied to your TripCase account. Currently, they can only do the email thing for reservations that are travel-related (air, car, hotel, rail, etc), not the non-travel stuff on your trip (like restaurant reservations, meetings, attractions), which leads to the next option.

Manual Entry: If you want to add the trip event yourself or are adding an event that TripCase can’t accept by email (like a business meeting), you can manually enter the event into your trip. The easiest way to manually add an event to your trip is on a computer via the web (; the login is the same as on your phone). If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also manually enter information on your phone through the (free) mobile app, which you can download here.




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