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Hi TripCase users,

With the Follower feature, you can share your whole itinerary or just certain parts with just a few simple steps. By sharing your trips through TripCase you can easily keep friends and family up to date on the arrival of your flight.

No longer will you have to call to update someone on your terminal or email your itinerary over multiple times. For me this has been the most helpful when I’m having someone pick me up at the airport. Sometimes it’s someone picking me up who I don’t need to (or want to) give them my entire itinerary, but I do what them to be immediately notified if my flight is delayed, is going to arrive early or if the gate changes. And even when I visit my Grandma, I take a cab from the airport to her house, but she still wants to know when my flight lands, so I let her follow my trips in TripCase for arrival updates as well.


To share a trip with someone you first want to go to your trip card and find the “Share” button. Once you click this button you can add in the person’s email address you want to share your trip with. From here you are free to choose which segments of the trip you want to share. It’s really that easy!

Good luck and enjoy not having to send your itineraries over and over again.

Ashley Tripp


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