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Tina showed you how easy it is to get information in TripCase in any of three ways: Direct Import, Email Parse and Manual Entry. If you make your reservations in separate places (book your flight with the airline directly and book your hotel with hotel directly), and you use either direct import or email parsing to enter your information, there is a chance that these two parts of the same trip will end up as two separate trips on TripCase.

This is actually done on purpose. The good folks at TripCase realize that many users put both theirs and their family members’ trips into their TripCase and, since both people may be on the road at the same time, they don’t assume that just because the flight and hotel are on the same days they are for the same trip. So, if you do end up with two parts of your trip as two trips, you’re able to merge them together into a single trip. Here’s how you can merge two trips into one:

As of right now, you can only merge the trips together on the web (not in the phone app). So, on your computer or on your phone’s web browser, go to and sign in with the same ID and password you use on your phone. The TripCase team is working on some improvements to this system, and will have some updates available later in 2015 to automate some of this for you.

Click on the “My Trips” tab at the top of the page, then click on the trip that you want to merge another trip into (if you want to merge your hotel into your flight, click on the flight).merge-trips-Ted

Click on the link that says “Combine Trips” then, on the right side of the screen, select the trip you want to merge into the selected trip. Then click the “Combine trips” button. If the system asks you to confirm the merge, click on “OK.”merge-trips-Ted2

That’s it. Pretty easy, huh?

Ted Tripp


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