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Although I always have my itinerary with me on TripCase and can add followers who can receive my itinerary (and all changes) via email, there are times when you may still need to print your itinerary to hand to someone.

The easiest way to print your itinerary is to email it to yourself at your primary email address and then print the email. To send the itinerary to yourself, go to the website at and log in with the same ID and password you use on your phone. Click on MyTrips at the top of the screen, then on the name of the trip you want to send to yourself on the left side of the screen. When you are in the trip, click on Tools and then on the Share Itinerary icon. On the screen that pulls out on the right, click on Share. Your primary email address should be one of the contacts listed, click on the Share link next to your primary email address and the itinerary is on its way to you.

Once you receive the itinerary via email, you can print out the email and have a print of your itinerary.

Ted Tripp

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