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Hey, travelers!

As you can see from the first two tips from our family, the parents are more concerned with organization and details. I have to say, I think the best part about TripCase is the Tripfeed – those messages that show up in the app, beneath the cards, while I am traveling. These messages are usually advice or alerts and are based on my specific trip and what’s going on at the time. The Tripfeed has saved me both time and money, but I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t checked my TripCase app every once and a while while I was on the road. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

Recently, I was flying to a college student leaders conference in Minneapolis. While I was on my way to the airport, I saw two messages in my Tripfeed. The first let me know that there was construction at the North entrance of the airport that was causing delays. So, I took the South entrance and got in without problem. The second Tripfeed message let me know that parking at my gate was full, but that the next section down had available spaces. I skipped the process of searching for a parking spot at my gate and went right to the section with open spaces.

I booked my flight through Delta, and the flight was listed as a Delta flight, but it was actually operated by a regional airline. A few hours before my return flight out of Minneapolis, TripCase sent me a message reminding me to check in at the regional airline’s ticket counter, not at Delta. The Delta line was pretty long. Had I not seen the message from TripCase, I might have gotten in the Delta line (since it was a Delta flight) and wasted all that time getting to the front of the line before learning that I was at the wrong ticket counter.



The Tripfeed messages also saved me money earlier this year. I flew to the beach for Spring Break, and when I arrived, I checked my TripCase app and noticed I had a message in the Tripfeed. The message informed me that my hotel had an airport shuttle. So I called the hotel (the number was in my TripCase) and hopped the shuttle, saving the cost of a cab (leaving me more to spend on, um, tshirts for my family).

Like I said earlier, the messages TripCase shows you in the Tripfeed are really valuable, but you have to see them or they are of little value. The messages appear below the flight, hotel or other cards when you are looking at the details of your trip. You might have to scroll down to see them all, but it’s definitely worth it!

Ashley Tripp


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