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Whenever I used to pick up a rental car in a new city it would be hit or miss as to whether I could follow the directions to my hotel provided by the car rental counter clerk. Now, with my itinerary already loaded into TripCase, I get complete turn-by-turn directions with a couple of clicks. I don’t have to know or input the address of the airport (TripCase already knows that) and I don’t have to look up and input the address of my hotel (TripCase knows that, too). I just click on the Directions button on my trip card and TripCase does the rest.

And If I’m using my iPhone I even have the option to use Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze.

If I need to get to somewhere that is not in my itinerary, TripCase also allows me to enter an address or search for a location based on my GPS location (handy for my starting location).

Thanks to TripCase, I am always on the right path with easy turn-by-turn directions.

Tina Tripp


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