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I know that you can find the weather online and on your phone in a thousand different places. I have two apps on my iPhone that are both dedicated weather apps. I just type in the name of the location and the weather report is at my fingertips. It’s a great way to keep up with the weather when we’re at home.

The problem with travel is, in my haste to plan and pack and get everything done before I go, I frequently forget to go online and check the weather of my destination. That’s why I like that TripCase has a handy weather tool built right in. When I am checking my flight status the day before the flight, I see the cute little weather icon (the sun and cloud in the dark blue icon bar) and it reminds me to check the weather and make sure I have the right clothes for the trip. I don’t have to enter a city name or know the zip code, I just click the icon and TripCase pulls up the 5-day forecast for my destination. Very handy.


Tina Tripp


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