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It’s nice to have all flight and hotel information in TripCase. It’s also great to have rental car info when I rent a car. I’ve found that one other area where TripCase can be a lifesaver is with restaurant reservations.

You can add restaurant reservation information manually (through either the phone or the web), and I’ve found it to be worth the minimal effort. Once the restaurant reservation is saved, it becomes a part of my TripCase, so all the information I need is there, including restaurant name, time of reservation, confirmation number, and address. In addition to having the information along with the rest of my travel plans, having the reservation information in TripCase gives me simple one click access to a map of the location and to call the restaurant if needed. And, like the rest of the itinerary, I can share the information with friends and family via email.

With TripCase’s new Remember This Place feature, you have one-click access to add a restaurant to your trip, as well. This feature uses Foursquare’s vast database of locations, and is constantly updated, as well. I love this because it helps me to easily remember what that fabulous restaurant was when I’m back home telling my friends about it.

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