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Hi there!

I’m Tina Tripp, and along with my husband Ted, daughter Ashley, and son Austin, we are the Tripps, and we use TripCase whenever we travel. With TripCase, my husband stays organized on his business trips, I can keep up to date on where he is while he’s traveling, and we can all keep our family trips organized and running smoothly (which makes for happy travels)!

Since sharing is caring, we wanted to put together some tips on HOW exactly TripCase helps us be brilliant when we travel. We’ll be posting our stories here on the TripCase blog to show you how to use TripCase to make travel a better experience for everyone.

If you don’t have TripCase yet, we highly recommend that you download TripCase and start making your trips easier. If you do have TripCase, congratulations! We hope our tips help you make the most of the smartest travel application out there.

The Tripps

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