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When I am away from home, I try to use WiFi on my iPhone as much as I can. Doing so saves me data on my cellphone plan, and in some cases, it’s actually faster than my phone’s cellular connection. I’ve noticed, though, that when I use free WiFi at a restaurant, coffee shop, airport or hotel, that often I have to “accept” their terms of use before they will let me connect.

Recently, I was at an airport with my family and opened TripCase. I could get to the stored data, but it wouldn’t connect to download the latest information. I kept getting an error. It turned out, I had to open my web browser (Safari in this case) and “accept” the terms of the airport WiFi before the airport would let me connect. This was a bit confusing, since the WiFi connection icon on my phone was there.

So, if you are trying to access WiFi and find you can’t connect to TripCase, open your web browser and see if you need to sign into their WiFi before the connection is available to use.

Austin Tripp

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