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In my line of work, I understand the value of networking and keeping up with your contacts. The same goes for TripCase. I normally want to share my trip with my assistant and family, including any changes that occur on my trip. If I have someone meeting me or picking me up at the airport, I want to make sure that person gets my flight alerts so he or she will know if my flight is on time or delayed and what gate it will be coming into.

Before you can share your trip with whoever you want to receive either an itinerary or flight alerts, you need to add them as contacts in TripCase and they have to confirm that they want to receive travel information from you. Once they are added, you can set them to receive itinerary or alert information from your phone. In the TripCase app, you can click on the ‘Contacts’ tab to easily find people from your address book. When you save a connection for the first time, the TripCase system will send your contact an email to verify the email address is correct and to verify that this person wants to receive your updates. You can also designate a contact to always share your trip with them.

Ted Tripp


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