When you’re traveling, the more tools to help you navigate the unknown, the better. We believe you deserve a single home for all your travel things, so you can be brilliant on every trip.

So what is going to make you most brilliant? You might be surprised to learn which tools in your nifty travel app top the list. Our amazingly unscientific ranking combines user feedback with user activity to create a complete view of the tools that matter most to our savviest travelers. So let the countdown begin!

  1. 5. Phone your travel provider
  2. 4. Alternate flights
  3. 3. Maps
  4. 2. Destination weather forecast
  5. 1. Seat maps

Top 5 Tools for TripCase June 2013, Data: Jan-June 2013

Yes, that’s right. This app, known for free flight alerts, also displays your seat on a plane. Just think about all those times when this one bit of info can come in handy —

For instance, when you want to:
* Check to see if your current seat is still free of neighbors
* Walk up to the counter to reassign your way out of that middle seat
* Stretch your legs in the emergency exit row

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