Business travelers know that taking good notes can be the difference between a productive business trip and a disaster. Whether you’re attending a conference with all-day case studies or a marathon of client meetings, keeping things straight and organized is key. Here are three digital tools for taking notes that’ll keep you productive:

Tools for Taking Notes - Onenote

OneNote – part of Microsoft’s suite of Office products, OneNote has some very handy features. For starters, you can use OneNote from nearly any gadget – they have a web-based version, or downloadable apps for Windows (desktop and mobile), Android, and iOS. Experienced note-takers will appreciate that OneNote is organized by notebooks, each with multiple sections and pages – very similar to a physical notebook. It’s also entirely free, which will appeal to pretty much anyone.

Tools for Taking Notes - Evernote

Evernote – popular with the techie crowd, Evernote is also available on nearly every platform out there. Evernote stands out due to is extensibility – they recently launched an “app center” that lets you connect various online tools to Evernote such as IFTTT and more. Evernote’s abundance of tags, categories, and other extras can be overwhelming to some, though. Evernote is free, though there is a premium tier for more storage and other features.

Tools for Taking Notes - Google Keep

Google Keep – if you’re an Android user, you might want to check this one out. Also free, Google Keep has a web interface, along with apps for your Android-powered tablet or smartphone. Notable features include the ability to set location-based reminders for notes and real-time sharing of notes.

How do you organize your notes?