Feature releases of TripCase

TripCase v3.3.6 Release Changelog

Good afternoon, TripCase travelers! We’re excited to let you know that our October (v3.3.6) release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v3.3.6 release changelog is available below:

TripCase v3.3.6 Release Changelog

Remember This Place Updates – Remember This Place is now available during your trip, with the quick-add button in the Timeline View, as well […]

TripCase Integrates CheckMate For Mobile Check-In

We’ve just rounded the corner of v3.3.5 of TripCase, and we’re really excited to continue to bring new features and benefits to our travelers. Today, we’re announcing that TripCase integrates CheckMate. CheckMate is an innovative mobile check-in platform for hotels that makes checking in a much smoother process for travelers.
At TripCase, we are always looking […]

TripCase v3.3.5 Release Changelog

Good afternoon, TripCase travelers! We’re excited to let you know that our September (v3.3.5) release will be available soon. The full changelog is available below:

TripCase v3.3.5 Release Changelog

Remember This Place Tweaks – we’ve updated the ‘Remember This Place’ feature, adding the quick-add button in the timeline view, as well as pre-filling the venue name […]

TripCase Integrates Uber API

We’re proud to announce that TripCase has integrated the new Uber API into our mobile travel management app. It makes sense, given that we help travelers around the world plan over two million trips per month. TripCase and Uber are perfect partners, since we’re both dedicated to providing travelers with extraordinary trip experiences.

TripCase and Uber
For travelers who […]

August Feature Release: Remember This Place

We don’t want to just make your experience while traveling great, we want to help you after you return home too. This is why we’re bringing you our new “Remember This Place” feature. Now with TripCase, you’ll not only know where you’re going, but you’ll remember where you’ve been. We’ve all found those amazing […]

Travel Arrangers: TripCase Is Your Wingman

Everyone needs a wingman: to support you, to remove obstacles, and to always have your back. Travel Arrangers, you are no exception. So let TripCase be your trusty wingman to help you out along the way.

We know that when you’re piloting your traveler’s trips you can hit some turbulence along the way: from schedule […]

Share Lets You Keep Your Friends and Family Informed

At TripCase, we’re all about helping you be brilliant while traveling. While this obviously starts with easy-t0-find weather, seat maps, and other information, it also includes finding ways to make other aspects of your travel less stressful. When you’re traveling, there’s pretty much guaranteed to be someone who is concerned with how your trip […]

TripCase Spotlight: Syncing your calendar with TripCase

At TripCase, our main goal is to make your travel life easier. And we know that if you’re like most people, you live life by your calendar. That’s why we’ve made it easy to import your trip details from TripCase into your online email/calendar clients like iCal, Google and Outlook.

There are two ways to […]

Never be lost in translation again

If you’ve ever had the privilege of traveling to a new country, you may have experienced one of those “lost in translation” moments. I know I have.

I can remember back in September 2000, and I first achieved international traveler status that brought forth all the excitement around a new culture, new language, […]

Brilliant service “in the moment”

The TripCase crew continues to deliver relevant content at the most targeted times during your trip — even when you’re standing on the curb, without a ride. That’s why we’ve started a partnership with Uber. And what a deal it is! (hint: skip to the bottom for discount details)

You may be saying “What’s an […]