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Updates from the TripCase team

From Hackathon to Hands-On

In the middle of June, Sabre held the “Innovation Garage” – an event combining a Hackathon with a business-case pitch. It’s a competition where everyone in the organization could present his or her best idea to invent something new. If you’ve read my recent articles you’ll know my overall excitement for the event, and my enthusiasm for our latest technology – Sabre Dev Studio.  I’m proud to report to you that in the 24-hour contest, my team planned, programmed, and presented a fully working feature that improves the TripCase experience in a totally unique way. Although we didn’t take first place this year, I’ve never felt more successful.

Working all night long is an intimidating thought, but pulling together an excellent team made all the difference. It was crucial to team with people who have the technical skills and optimistic attitude to make the project a reality. Let me tell you who was on my team: […]

My Chaotic Life

The alarm goes off and it’s time to start the day.  It’s going to be a great day!  Looking at the family calendar I find myself relaxing.  Who would have ever thought that today of all days would be the first day in a long time where there was not anything planned on the home front? Shriek! The kids are up and about to interrupt what was once a moment of bliss – silence.  Let the day begin.


Food is quintessential to travel

When you’re not a self-proclaimed “writer” and you’re asked to contribute a post for your product’s blog, well let’s just say it’s an opportunity and a challenge.  But, aren’t most things in life that are worth doing?  What I am, is a self-proclaimed “foodie”.  If you’re not familiar with this label, it’s someone who […]

Gen Z, baby…

I am currently the youngest member on the TripCase Crew. I was born in the 90s.

To put that in perspective, I grew up obsessing over the Spice Girls and watching Boy Meets World. When I was in middle school, the thing to do was go home after school and gossip with my friends on […]

Confessions of a Weather Addict

It snowed this week in parts of the United States. Snow… In April… And I loved it! See, I need to share something about myself, something personal, something only those closest to me know. Where better a place to make a confession than the internet?

I am a weather addict! I love checking the weather. […]

Mixing Business with Pleasure…

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling the world for business. I’m not one of those travelers who have only seen the airport, the backseat of a cab, and a white-washed hotel room.  In the hundreds of cities around the world I’ve visited, I get out and experience it…whether it’s a new city or […]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As of late Wednesday, most of the TripCase team had returned from Boston and another successful 2012 Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention. And if the hoarse and raspy voices sitting around the table at this morning’s staff meeting are any indication, there was a whole lot of talking going on about the new […]

Lights, camera, 90 seconds of action!

What can you say about TripCase in 90 seconds? At first it feels like no time at all, and you start to write out all types of ideas. As the creative director behind the commercial, I filled two pages (that’s hand-written, because I’m old school and I like pencils). Then I thought there is […]

Year of the Voice: Reflecting on 2013

2013 will always be a year to remember for TripCase. We’ve seen huge growth and surpassed many of our own expectations. But it’s important to us that we stop and thank YOU, because it’s definitely our travelers who make each trip count.
In looking back, one thing really stands out — people are raising […]

Award-winning video from an award-winning app? Crazy.

No matter how you earn a living, it’s always nice to be recognized by one’s peers. Last week, yours truly came up with not one, not two, but three awards from the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards. We took home the gold on our interview-style video about mobile travel must-haves. If you never saw it, […]

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