Updates from the TripCase team

TripCase Corporate Named Best Mobile Solution For Business Travelers

When we launched TripCase Corporate in April 2014, we had a vision of a corporate travel tool that both made business travelers’ lives easier, and also made it convenient for corporations to manage their employees’ travels. We’ve gotten great feedback from TripCase Corporate customers and partners, and have continued to improve the service with new […]

We’re Officially The Best Mobile Travel App

For over 5 years, we at TripCase have been working really hard to build the best mobile app to help you travel more brilliantly. The app has changed quite a bit over the years, with lots of improvements based on feedback from you – our travelers. We’ve added new features, such as Remember This Place […]

TripCase At SXSW 2015

If there’s one thing we look forward to, it’s SXSW in Austin, TX. Thousands of people in one awesome city makes for great conversation, amazing food, and lots of new connections with people who travel around the world, many of them using TripCase to get there. Obviously you can expect to find TripCase at SXSW, we’d […]

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Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling

Whether you’re working all day and tired or you’ve been eating out for every meal, staying fit while traveling is tough work. You may not always have access to a gym or fitness center, and all those fancy meals can sure do a number on your diet. Traveling should be fun, though, and even when you’re away from […]

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The Story of TripTime

As a traveler (or someone who follows the trips of a traveler, such as a coworker or spouse), it’s often difficult to remember which time zone the trip is in, and what the time difference is. This is especially true for trips that span numerous countries and cities, as that time zone might change throughout […]

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Crowdfunding: New Travel Gadgets

In the last several years, we’ve seen a big boom in startups throughout various industries. This new entrepreneurial spirit has brought about dozens of websites for crowdfunding, which is the idea of getting funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Some of the most notable projects have been […]

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Under The Hood: Using Puppet With Docker

TripCase is well known as the slick mobile and desktop app to manage everything about your trips, but under the hood, there is a lot taking place to make that happen. One part of the experience is our Operations Team, made up of developers (like me), system owners, and system administrators.  This team recently launched a project using Puppet […]

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From Hackathon to Hands-On

In the middle of June, Sabre held the “Innovation Garage” – an event combining a Hackathon with a business-case pitch. It’s a competition where everyone in the organization could present his or her best idea to invent something new. If you’ve read my recent articles you’ll know my overall excitement for the event, and my enthusiasm for our latest technology – Sabre Dev Studio.  I’m proud to report to you that in the 24-hour contest, my team planned, programmed, and presented a fully working feature that improves the TripCase experience in a totally unique way. Although we didn’t take first place this year, I’ve never felt more successful.

Working all night long is an intimidating thought, but pulling together an excellent team made all the difference. It was crucial to team with people who have the technical skills and optimistic attitude to make the project a reality. Let me tell you who was on my team: […]

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My Chaotic Life

The alarm goes off and it’s time to start the day.  It’s going to be a great day!  Looking at the family calendar I find myself relaxing.  Who would have ever thought that today of all days would be the first day in a long time where there was not anything planned on the home front? Shriek! The kids are up and about to interrupt what was once a moment of bliss – silence.  Let the day begin.


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Food is quintessential to travel

When you’re not a self-proclaimed “writer” and you’re asked to contribute a post for your product’s blog, well let’s just say it’s an opportunity and a challenge.  But, aren’t most things in life that are worth doing?  What I am, is a self-proclaimed “foodie”.  If you’re not familiar with this label, it’s someone who enjoys […]