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Travel Smarter With A Smartwatch

We’ve been putting a lot of thought behind the “why wearables?” question here at TripCase, and are exploring how to travel smarter with a smartwatch with support for Pebble and Android Wear, along with our newly launched Apple Watch app. However, it’s also important for us to talk to travelers, to see what you think […]

Good Vibrations: Could Haptic Technology Be The Next Frontier?

Unless you’re deep into video games and virtual reality, you may not be thinking about how haptic technology affects the way you interact with the world. However, it’s already present in most technology today, and that’s only going to continue to increase.
What is haptic technology?
Basically, haptic technology leverages your sense of touch. Today, this usually […]

Now Available: TripCase Apple Watch Travel App

Having already launched support for Android Wear, Samsung, and Pebble smartwatches, it only makes sense that you should expect TripCase to be among the first travel apps for the Apple Watch, and we haven’t let you down. Since the Apple Watch was announced, TripCase developers have been hard at work, thinking through the user experience […]

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Drones Are Changing Travel

Drones are such a hot topic. Can they be used to spy, are they dangerous, what exactly are they used for? These questions are real concerns but in the travel industry we are beyond excited about the doors that have opened because of drones.

Think about it, we now have the ability to change the travel […]

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Why Wearables In Travel

Let’s face it – today’s travel can be stressful. It breeds anxiety and worry, and turns us all into nervous nellies, double-checking and triple-checking flight times, terminals, check-in times, and gate changes. We do all sorts of things to try and combat that. We strap our passports around our neck, print out every document we might […]

Crowdfunding: New Travel Gadgets

In the last several years, we’ve seen a big boom in startups throughout various industries. This new entrepreneurial spirit has brought about dozens of websites for crowdfunding, which is the idea of getting funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Some of the most notable projects have been […]

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Joining The First Smartwatch Travel Apps With Notifications

As detailed in our v3.3.7 release changelog, TripCase is now among the first smartwatch travel apps, with notification support across multiple watches and platforms. With this update, you can expect to receive all of the trip notifications that you’re used to, conveniently on your wrist. This includes flight updates, gate changes, and more, all for […]

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Windowless Airplanes Could Be The Future

As air travel continues to be more competitive, a windowless airplane concept from The Centre for Process Innovation might become a reality. The windowless airplane concept is rather ingenius, replacing the row of small porthole-sized windows along an airplane’s fuselage with an external-facing wide-angle camera and an internal display. The new design could increase the […]

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Your Smart Connected Suitcase Is Almost Here

Do you remember when your car was just a hunk of metal? Years ago, cars didn’t have onboard computers, GPS, or remote keyfobs. In the past decade or so, however, even the most entry-level car has all of these extras. Instead of slipping a metal key into your ignition, you simply push a button to […]

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Are You Ready For Customer Service Robots?

We’ve all been there – you take the red-eye flight home from a long business trip, and inevitably need help at the airport, but find everything is closed for the night. At the Indianapolis International Airport, they’re testing a solution for you – customer service robots. The new test features an iPad-on-a-segway type robot that’s guided […]

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